RTT Digital Media provides a versatile, easy-to-use, technically-robust, high-performance and feature-rich platform to entertain a wide range of digital signage applications.

Digital Signage simplified

Deploying our digital signage solution is a breeze. Setup is a quick process with the screen up and running in a few minutes. No need for technical knowledge or expertise. Easy to setup and easier to operate. Experience the convenience and performance of a real-time, power-packed plug and play solution. We charge No installation or Setup fees.

Cloud Based Proprietary CMS

RTT Digital Media offers a truly cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that allows our customer to create, manage and schedule content to be displayed. Our proprietary CMS can be accessed from any web-browser to make changes to content, design and schedule within minutes. Use any device, any browser to manage your content and enjoy the true freedom of expression with RTT’s CMS. There are no Apps to download. The centralized control of content through the CMS helps the client manage the network remotely from any device anywhere.

Animation at its best

Animate sales by showcasing your product images with our stunning and prolific animation objects. Our visual content marketing strategy can create an immersive experience to help you strike an emotional chord with your customers. If images say it louder than words, our persuasive animations say it at a much higher decibel to optimize your traffic and ROI. Keep your audience spellbound, and reduce perceived waiting time with our customized animations.

Advertising Made Easy

Take advantage of our simple and effective platform to create new revenue streams. Derive additional revenue by displaying third-party advertisements/commercials. In addition to promoting your own brand or business, and drawing attention to specific products/brands, carry advertisements of third-party vendors and get paid for providing ad space and ad time.

Multi-zone Display for up-selling & cross-selling opportunities

We offer the ability to create zones on the display. You can split the display into multiple zones of content. Each zone can be scaled to fit any portion of the screen. You can configure each zone to display different forms of content. This flexibility presents the opportunity to display promotions, offers, deals and third-party advertisements alongside relevant content, improving up-selling and cross-selling prospects.

Maximize ROI with Targeted Dayparting

Dayparting is presentation of time-relevant marketing content, targeting different groups of audience through the course of a day. It requires knowledge of who the audience is at a given time, the change in audience throughout the day, and customer demographics. Our proprietary CMS helps you configure dayparting schedules to split and display same/different content at different times of the day, in alignment with the audience-type and business promotion strategies. Dayparting is crucial to maximizing ROI from digital signage, by presenting timely and relevant messages in tandem with the shifting interests of the target audience on a daily basis. We help you navigate this challenge by enabling our CMS with smart dayparting capabilities.

Quick ‘n Easy POS Interface

Through partnerships with leading Point-Of-Sale or POS providers, RTT offers tried-and-tested solutions that can be integrated with diverse, widely-used POS platforms. Integrate your Point-Of-Sales Systems with RTT’s quick & easy POS interface to instantly reflect price or product or inventory changes on the display. Let your customers experience instant gratification on observing price consistency between your POS system and screens. Add RTT’s digital flavors to make your POS smart and keep up with the latest.

DIY changes on the fly & Design Unlimited… with RTT Grid

The RTT Grid allows any user to make changes on the fly to menu items or pricing, a value-add from a customer’s perspective. This does not require any technical expertise. Designed for a novice user, the Grid object facilitates adding text, and images quickly and easily, making content creation effortless and stimulating, not to mention the endless design possibilities.

Dynamic content from RTTNews

Refresh your screens with the latest live news feeds from RTTNews. Choose from an assortment of political, general, business, economic, investment, technology, health, and entertainment news. Give your customers the opportunity to get a first glimpse at the hot and happening, as it just breaks across the globe. Get stock tips to keep your investment portfolios shining. Allow your customers explore real-time content from the masters of the game, backed by two decades of newsroom experience

Pulse-racing Sports Feeds from RTTNews

Get real-time sports news that makes your pulse race with excitement. Our sports feeds cover news from major sporting leagues and events around the world. We capture those defining moments when sheer human will defeats the odds, and relay the accompanying drama and sensation to your customers. Our sports coverage universe includes basketball, baseball, soccer, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, track events and more…

Flexible content formats & Seamless delivery

Our CMS delivers vivacious, and arresting content, including videos and data, in the XML/RSS/MEDIA RSS formats. We also display multiple RSS feeds. RSS Feeds display scrolling text in the horizontal or vertical formats. As for Media RSS, the player automatically plays the latest 10 videos in the MRSS feeds. Our CMS facilitates seamless delivery of customized and scalable content to multiple locations.

DIY Tools To Create promotional customized RSS Feeds

RTT CMS provides (Do-It-Yourself) DIY tools to help create your own customized RSS Feeds, if you are not in the mood to use an available RSS Feed from the web. The CMS allows you to load MRSS feeds to populate any zone with images/videos to match your customized content. You can embed promotions and advertisements in the feeds you create, as part of your marketing strategy.

Wieldy Weather Widget To Plan outdoor activities

RTT CMS offers real-time, location-based weather information that includes temperature, humidity, wind speed, and visibility. We also provide accurate images to match current weather conditions. The widget includes extended weather forecast for 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days, and 7 days. Weather information is available for any city in the world. The data is updated every few minutes. Other widgets include Date & Map objects.

One-Click Content Scheduling Across Multiple Media Players

Our CMS facilitates one-click content scheduling across multiple media players. You can group players based on geography or demographics and assign any content schedule to a multitude of players with a single click. The feature eliminates the cumbersome task of assigning content schedules to each player individually, thereby reducing complexity when managing a large network of players.

Surround Live TV with Promotions (or) Run promotions around Live TV

Entertain your audience with Live TV, while engaging them with your promotions. Streaming Live TV content just got easier with our SmartSign 600 device. Plug in your cable feed into the SmartSign 600 and enjoy seamless streaming of Live TV on a distinct zone on the display, independent of Internet. Populate the zones surrounding the TV feed with your offers/deal/promotions. RTT offers you more than One Way to Win!