RTT Digital Media Advertising Network

Opportunity to Build or Expand Without Significant Investment or Personnel

Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) is one of the fastest growing advertising medium. Growth in the ad-supported digital signage network has grown to a point where advertisers are starting to make digital signage a part of their budget. While ad-supported networks are still in its early stages, all indications are this segment is poised grow extremely fast. RTTDigital Media is well positioned to help ad-networks overcome the challenges that is limiting its potential growth.

Free Media Players, Software/CMS, Mounts, Cables, Designers and Content

RTTDigital Media offers everything a network operator needs to operate a successful network. RTT’s proprietary and robust hardware can handle almost any deployment. Similarly, RTT’s proprietary content management system (CMS) that is developed over nearly 2 decades can handle almost any type of media with any number of zones to build channels to meet customer requirements.

High Quality and Relevant Content

In order for the ad-networks to be effective, the displays/TV’s have to offer a compelling reason. This is one of areas RTTDigital Media plays a critical role. RTTNews, a part of RTTDigital Media, has been producing real-time content for nearly two decades consists of business, economics, politics, entertainment, sports.

As an original content producer, RTT generates content targeted towards a specific audience. RTT’s ability to provide content that is specific to a targeted network helps network operators not only provide timely and relevant content, RTT can help attract advertisers interested in advertising only in networks that offers certain type of content.

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Build Reliable Networks Without Additional Work or Unnecessary Expense

RTTDigtial Media has a long history of operating networks for delivering real-time and market sensitive news and information for nearly 2 decades. Operating such sophisticated networks is not only a costly proposition, it calls for highly knowledgeable staff, particularly in light of all the recent threats and attacks.

We know our strengths. We are interested in partnering with companies that have strong relations with brands and venues that are interested in building successful networks.

RTTDigital Media offers a unique opportunity for aggressive and motivated individuals with excellent sales skills and companies that are interested in expanding or building additional networks with minimal upfront cost. Contact us to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership.

Some of the fastest growing networks that RTTDigital Media can help build includes;

  • Retail Network
  • Restaurants and Bars Network
  • Malls and Public Places Network
  • Transit Network
  • Campus Network
  • Health and Medical Network
  • Automotive Network