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The Opportunity is ‘Here & Now’

Digital Signage is becoming that new medium of communication in the digital age. Whether it is businesses highlighting the latest promotions or a brands is looking to reiterate its message, digital signage helps communicate more effectively and engagingly.

This new medium helps any and all type of organizations, including:

  • Employers providing timely information to employees
  • Government agencies providing timely and accurate information
  • Colleges and grade schools staying connected with students
  • Airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and so on.

In the age of Twitter, Facebook apps for instant notifications, digital signage facilitates real-time communication that simply cannot be achieved with traditional signs and posters. In short, it all comes down to delivering the right message at the right time, and there is no other company which can match RTTDigital Media’s services and cost.

Similar to businesses of all sizes have shifted from snail mail to email, from bulky PCs and laptops to sleek tablets and smart phones, from private networks to the cloud, the transition to digital signage is inevitable. The widespread and rapid adoption of digital signage can be seen everywhere. For instance, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels among other common places.

There is no other company better equipped to help resellers capitalize from this incredible opportunity than RTTDigital Media, a company with nearly 2 decades of background in digital media – with experience in real-time content generation, advertising, custom applications and integrating with multiple platforms.

Only RTTDigital Media Offers a True End-to-End and a True Turn-key Solution

Why Become a RTTDigital Media Reseller?

RTTDigital Media is uniquely positioned to become the leader in providing turnkey digital signage solutions to businesses of all sizes. We offer a time-tested and powerful platform to help any business communicate effortlessly and more effectively, in real-time at little or no costs. This makes our product an easy sell with retail establishments.

  • Hassle-free, rapid deployment - RTTDigital Media is the only company that offers state-of-the-art, turnkey digital signage solutions that resellers and business owners can deploy immediately, without the hassle or know-how of technology or content creation.
  • Turnkey solutions for multifarious business models – RTT offers a complete digital signage kit to cater to any customer-centric business, regardless of type or size. The turnkey package combines the input, insight and experiences derived from our past installations.
  • No investment on technology or content – RTT resellers can offer a gamut of digital signage services in local markets without any investment on technology or content generation.
  • Financial perks - RTT Resellers can generate impressive margins on upfront sales and start building a steady recurring revenue stream.
  • Quick & Easy POS interface – RTT’s digital signage integrated with diverse, widely-used Point-Of-Sale platforms help resellers accelerate deployment and jumpstart sales.
We're A Partner You Can Rely on

RTT Digital Media main focus in servicing end users is by relying on channel partner like you. Dip into the up and coming Digital Signage market with a Partner you can trust and rely on to be there. RTT Digital Media provides a state of the art digital signage platform and turn-key solution. We are constantly improving our platform and can incorporate custom coding in our proprietary software.

You Become a Digital Signage Expert Overnight

Leverage our experience and knowledge to become an expert and capture the market in your area. Our turn key solution provides you with everything you need to start selling easily and effectively. We also provide you with marketing help and many more benefits as an Authorized Partner or Standard Reseller.

A Partnership That Helps You Grow Your Business

Leverage our experience and knowledge to become an expert and capture the market in your area. Our turn key solution provides you with everything you need to start selling easily and effectively. We also provide you with marketing help and many more benefits as an Authorized Partner or Standard Reseller.

Standard Reseller Benefits

  • Free 50’’ Displays for the showroom (Up to 2 per location).
  • Free Digital Signage Players for the showroom (Up to 2 per location).
  • Free Tablet(s) – help Field Sales Executives demonstrate RTT Digital Media services with our wide range of designs and deployments.
  • Free marketing materials, including customized brochures with the reseller’s logo and contact information.
  • Free hosted website describing RTT Digital Media services that can be seamlessly integrated into the reseller’s site.
  • Free hosted Video demos of our past and most recent deployments & customer testimonials that can be embedded in the reseller’s website.
POS System providers

RTT Digital Media has already integrated with many of the widely used POS systems. Now your customers can change price or product offering without the expense or waiting on a sign company. Changes to the POS instantly reflects on the display.

Let your customers experience instant gratification on observing price consistency between your POS system and screens. It’s a proven fact that truly dynamic displays increase average order value at the POS. Add RTT’s digital signage to make your POS smart.

Selling RTT’s digital signage to your existing clients is easy. Let us help you start generating additional revenues from equipment sales, installation and start building recurring revenues.

Pro A/V companies

Generate additional revenues by joining hands with RTT. Sell your A/V equipment with our digital signage solutions, and earn a commission from us. Get started by filling the application form on this page.

Sign Providers

Use of traditional signs are on the decline in favor of dynamic digital signage. We make offering dynamic digital signage easy. Stay on top of competition, while we provide the required expertise. Build on your existing relationships. Partner with us to capitalize on the fast-changing signage market.

Service Providers

Complement your current offerings with RTT’s tailored/turnkey solutions. We provide all aspects of digital signage services. Our design and content creation team will provide you all the necessary support and expertise to close deals. Start building a recurring revenue immediately.

System Integrators

Integrate digital signage to build scalable, highly secure, and flexible networks that offer a seamless customer experience. RTT offers a total solution to operate a successful digital signage network. Partner with us for the hassle-free experience.

A True Partnership In Every Sense, To Grow Your Business

We are opening the doors to a true Partnership in every sense, to grow your business. RTTDigital Media is making significant investments to help select Resellers become leaders in their respective markets. Depending on the level of commitment by the Reseller, RTT offers exclusive deals to position your sales on an accelerating growth trajectory.

Authorized Reseller Benefits

  • Shared marketing expenses - RTT will share marketing expenses to generate sales leads, including exhibiting in ROI-focused, appropriate venues and mass mailers to targeted segments.
  • Dedicated Salesman – RTT will share the cost of a dedicated salesman to focus on selling RTT Digital Media solutions in local markets.
  • New Vehicle with wrap – RTT will absorb the cost of a new vehicle with wrap to promote and generate business.
  • $100 Bonus – RTT Resellers will receive an additional $100 per media player leased through RTT’s leasing program.
  • Special promotional offers to Resellers willing to make some commitments. Deals include FREE TV or FREE Installation and 0% financing.
  • Free custom demos, including creatively-charged videos on how RTT Digital Media solutions can boost business for customers.

Sign Up To Become A Reseller

Why is RTT Digital Media offering resellers deals that are too-good-to-be-true AND at incredibly lower prices unmatched in the Industry?

Our Reasons are purely business-motivated. RTT is set out to become the #1 provider of digital signage in the hospitality industry. Our motto being "Growth Through Trusted Partnerships".

We believe in building synergistic partnerships that drive significant sales and profits for RTT and its partners. We achieve this by forming strategic partnerships in new geographical locations. customer segments and channels.

"We Grow as You Grow. Your Progress is ours. This is the Key to our Success..."

- Andrew Mariathasan. President - RTT Digital Media.
   A True End-to-End Solution Provider