Digital Signage for C-Stores

FREE Turn-Key Digital Signage Service

RTTDigital Media leads the way in digital signage for c-stores. Our turn-key digital signage solution can assist an independent C-store owner to become a more profitable operator.

RTT’s primary focus is providing timely and relevant content that can increase sales. Turning any promotions into a visually appealing and call-to-action video ad that is similar to TV commercials. In addition, using digital marketing to engage customers in positive experience, resulting in up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Completely Free Turn-Key Digital Signage

RTTDigital Media’s managed services provides everything a store owner needs to deploy a successful digital signage and remotely manage without the up-front cost. Helping store owners to capitalize on the latest technology and digital marketing without spending time learning new technology and content creation to maintain current promotions with impressive video content.

RTT’s Managed Services package includes

  • FREE 4K media player
  • FREE 50” 1080p TV
  • FREE heavy duty mount – choice of ceiling or wall mount
  • FREE installation

Competitor’s hardware, software, content creation and other services cannot match RTT. The fact many of our customers switched from our competitors speaks to the quality and level of service RTT has to offer the c-store industry. RTT services every major brand – BP, Exxon, Marathon, Citgo, Shell, Circle K among other leading brands.

Independent c-store operators can outdo the larger competitors

Larger gas stations such as Pilot, Luvs, TA, WAWA, Speedway, Racetrack among others house popular fast-food names such as Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Arby’s, Wendy’s among other popular brands, independent operators offer fresh and high-quality food such as Hunt Brothers Pizza, Chesters Fried Chicken, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, Ballpark hotdogs among others.

Digital Menu Boards Increase Sales and Makes Food Visually Appealing

Today’s gas stations are more than a place to buy gas. Most stores offer hot food items just like a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Our feature-rich and captivating animations and video content have the demonstrated ability to enhance the financial performance of c-stores that use RTT’s digital menu boards.

Click here to see how RTT’s digital menu boards helping our clients increase sales.

RTT is helping store owners with additional revenue streams

Join RTT’s ad-supported digital signage network and start generating additional revenue streams. Many of the products on the shelf to the cooler belongs to large brand such as Coke, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Budweiser, Miller, Redbull to name a few. Each category you carry have a brand leader and they all want to promote their products over their competition. This creates a great opportunity for the store owner to generate additional revenue stream from existing relationships.

Important Facts C-Store Owners Should Know
  • A study shows that about 63% of consumers acknowledge that Digital Signage attracts their attention, topping the impact by TV, Internet and billboard advertising.
  • RTTDigital Media has nearly 2 decades of experience in digital media, c-store owners can start generating a steady and predictable revenue stream by participating in RTT’s ad-supported network.
  • According to experts in the advertising world, one third of all outdoor advertising is likely to go towards ad-supported networks. This represents an incredible opportunity for c-store owners. RTT is well positioned to help any size c-store and any size chain capitalize on ad-supported digital signage by deploying a robust network immediately

Click here to see RTT’s ad-supported network in action

Stand apart from competing c-stores

Support your customers and local businesses to strengthen your relationship with the community. RTTDigital Media offers the capability of running third-party advertisements /promotions. C-stores can build a meaningful revenues stream over time and by working with other c-stores without losing any of their customers to competitors.

Unclutter your store - Make your store visually appealing and inviting

Get rid of the posters. When you eliminate the posters on the windows, entrance doors and from the ceiling, suddenly your store looks cleaner, bigger, and more importantly, inviting to your customers that may otherwise stop at another c-store for buying the same thing you offer in your store.

Today’s consumers ignore almost everything that is static. Capitalize on the FREE digital signage and the latest technology by running ads that are similar to your larger competitors. The best part is, c-store will get paid to clean up the store and start running ads in their digital signage to help increase sales for vendors that are interested in highlighting their promotions in a more effective marketing medium.

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